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What we provide

Domiciliary Care & Community Support

Living independently in our own home is one of the most important factors contributing to our quality of life. Seeing family and friends when we choose, having the freedom to decide what we do and being surrounded by our favourite possessions is what makes our lives so fulfilling. At Egalité we understand this and provide domiciliary care services that support people to develop and to maintain their lifestyle and independence.

We provide specialist domiciliary care services to people with Learning Disabilities, Sensory Loss, Acquired Brain Injury, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Physical Disability. Our aim is to enable individuals to have the best possible quality of life in their own homes and in the local community; to support individuals to pursue vocational activities and enjoyable leisure pursuits as well as promoting social development and community participation.

We can provide care and support on a flexible basis from a few hours a week to twenty-four hour support.

Supported Living

We currently provide accommodation-based support to small groups of 4-5 people referred to as Supported Living. These are ordinary houses. The individuals are tenants of private landlords and have support provided by Egalité to assist with a range of care needs. At all the Supported Living services there is provision for overnight support.

Egalite provide comprehensive support packages to help individuals achieve their desired outcomes.

Individuals are also assisted to maintain their property so have assistance with not only their health and wellbeing but domestic tasks as well.